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We enable technology providers to market their solutions through very focused print, online media and events that are built on qualified, active communities of professional technology decision makers and influencers. Our targeted media services enable us to deliver measurable advertising ROI, generate high-quality, qualified leads, shorten sales cycles and help increase revenues.

Further to strengthen its vision, Fanatic Media is involved in organizing industry events and conferences for reach-targeted communities of IT professionals and executives across the nation. Our mission is to prove to our customers that their original media investments with Fanatic Media will meet their campaign objectives and to guarantee that the ROI resulting from their campaign will be clear to them and their managers.

We share the same passions as our consumers. These insights and our expertise are helping us to build and exploit our market-leading positions across different platforms in all of the core sectors in which we operate.


Upcoming Events
Annual Information Security
Summit 2012
  Date: December 11, 2012
Venue: Hotel 'Taj Lands End',
Place: Mumbai (India)
BFSI Security Summit 2013
  Date: March 21, 2013
Venue: Hotel 'Hyatt Regency',
Place: Mumbai (India)

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