Enterprise Virtualisation & Cloud Strategy 2011
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Please note:
We've postponed this event due to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai on July 13, 2011. We'll come up with new dates very soon. Thanks


Featuring the Entire Scope of the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Spectrum

Virtualization and cloud computing have added new dimensions to global business. These new technologies have opened up new opportunities for the world economy and so called conventional IT implementations. The Enterprise Virtualization & Cloud Strategy 2011 (EVCS 2011) conference is exactly what you need as an IT professional or a business leader who wants to understand what virtualization and cloud computing can do for your organization. Don't miss your best chance to learn how to unlock its full power for your organization at EVCS 2011. You'll find the knowledge and tools you need to realize your vision for virtualization and cloud computing within your organization—and deliver a meaningful business impact.

The Enterprise Virtualization & Cloud Strategy 2011 will define the many terms and concepts that are fundamental to developing an understanding of cloud computing and its enablement through virtualization. In addition, you will learn about the economics of public, private and hybrid cloud environments as well as management.

EVCS 2011 will be the right conference to understand the set of challenges created by cloud computing and its virtualized environment to provide an overview of the emerging networking, optimization and management technologies that hold the potential to mitigate these challenges.

This conference will also prove to be of immense value if you are looking forward to networking with leading minds from around the nation.

The Enterprise Virtualization & Cloud Strategy 2011 be held in Mumbai this year on July 15, 2011, presents an ideal opportunity for current and prospective users of cloud and virtualization technologies to hear directly from the companies at the cutting edge of their development; at the same time, in the same place for the first time ever.

We invite you to join us as we bring together industry and local leaders to discuss the challenges and solutions available to address them.


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